Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Tradition

Ginger Breadhouses on Christmas eve.  Girls vs boys. (what was I thinking)

Boys version:  Engineering-ly sound via consumption of all the royal icing...earthquake and fire proof.  Has all the required doors and windows to make the building compliant to the building code.  (Are we getting a feel for BAM's profession). Gaudy has had a very strong influence upon the decorating style.

Girls version:  Perfect colour coded and pretty using a wide variety of lollies and appropriate decorating features.  No ginger bread space to be seen.

As we were completing the task a wise female observer cautioned me....give yourself room to move next year....perfection does not have to happen in the first year.

So we (me) sat back and ate the lollies and let all participants under the school age complete the task.

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  1. We did Gingerbread houses this year too for the first time - I am sure it will become a favourite tradition.