Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life won't be the same....

My beautiful Mollie girl died yesterday.  She was almost 15 years old and has been with me for almost half my life.  She was a significant part of my family.  She has traveled with me through life and been part of the ups and downs, the tears and laughs.  She had her own special quilt that I made for her.  It was pink and blue and she slept on it when inside. 

Now she is resting and is not sick any more. 

Life won't be the same without her.

2/8/1997 - 26/2/2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Suprise

My very dear and special friend Auntie M is having a  special birthday (her 30th) and we all made her a special quilt.  Here she is receiving it.  The photo is is a bit blurry and I did not put a full picture of the quilt up here as she will do that on her blog.  This is just a blurry snippet.  Hope you enjoy it Auntie M

Shopping Round Up

Since moving I have missed the joy of the regular visits I used to get from the postie as we now have a PO Box ...and that is never the same.  However this week I managed to feel the "joy" of the postie visit as some of my parcels came in the post.

I have just bought the EQ7 upgrade. I have a list of quilts to make this year for friends children, relatives and my own children so I thought I should get organised and plan these quilts..... as all these new quilts will be my own designs....

I also went shopping and found these again (I had seen them ages ago and thought I would get some next time).  I can't remember their name ...maybe someone can remind me...I did however buy them from Honeysuckle Stained Glass and Patchwork.  I will make two of them for our new house.

Just before Christmas I got my hands on my long awaited reel stand for my embroidery machine.  I also have some embroidery projects to do this year and needed to get the multiple reel stand in place.  My pet hate is waiting by the machine and loading cotton I am interested in anything that makes this task better.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another milestone

It was the "First day of school" for us this exciting.  I was very emotional and Missy E was very excited.

In all the flurry and excitement of getting ready the time whizzed by and the next thinking I knew was that we were all standing in the prep classroom with a thousand other Mums, Dads and Grans etc.  She raced off and sat down and was totally mesmerized.

Can you see her?  Where is Missy E?
What you can't see is the throng of "loved ones" standing next to me....6 deep it was.
Miss Ellis is her teacher and already the house is full of "Miss Ellis says......"