Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another milestone

It was the "First day of school" for us this exciting.  I was very emotional and Missy E was very excited.

In all the flurry and excitement of getting ready the time whizzed by and the next thinking I knew was that we were all standing in the prep classroom with a thousand other Mums, Dads and Grans etc.  She raced off and sat down and was totally mesmerized.

Can you see her?  Where is Missy E?
What you can't see is the throng of "loved ones" standing next to me....6 deep it was.
Miss Ellis is her teacher and already the house is full of "Miss Ellis says......"

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  1. Oh Veronica it is always so emotional when the first goes off to school - but I bet "E" was soooo excited! helen f