Saturday, November 27, 2010

I survived my first "End Of Year" dance concert

Eloise started jazz tap and ballet lessons this term.  I thought it would be good for her coordination and rhythm.  Given I never did any dance lessons I thought it would be fun....

Warning one told me about the "dance mums" and no one told me about the end of year (EOY)concert.  Wow I survived it.  I've had three kids under 18 months and I thought that I could not do anything as difficult as that.  Wrong.. welcome to EOY dance concerts.

Have you tried putting makeup on a tom boy?  Have you tried to get ringlet hair in a bun with no frizzy bits?  Tried to keep lipstick on a bored child's mouth?  And try convincing a tired, hot, hungry 4 year old that this third and final costume will be more fun to put on than the others. 

And thank goodness for safety pins....we mums of the Thursday morning group (BTW none of the mums in our group have ever done dance lessons ourselves) would have been lost without the box of safety pins I bought along.  Lucky I had sewing experience as well.  We just needed a hairdresser. 

I survived it.  It was logistical nightmare and hard work but I had fun. 

Is there a t-shirt I can buy that says"I survived EOY dance concerts"

Cooking School

Day two of my birthday weekend we all got up to a big BBQ breakfast thanks to my BAM and then I gave them all the presents I had made for them.


Then we all went to cooking school. My treat. I even made everyone aprons for the occasion.

So we spent half a day cooking and drinking and eating. 

A big thanks to Spanish Home Cooking with Nick and Maria.  What an excellent day we had.

We learnt to cook Gazpacho, Paella, Tapas and Churros.  I fell in love with the food and the people.  I am enrolling in their classes next term as I am going to master the Paella.  With three males in my house this will be a great meal and one the males can cook together over the BBQ.

My favourite was the churros.  I am going to give them a go this weekend or next.

Nick and Maria are an excellent team.  They were very knowledgeable and very easy to get along with.  They do a great job at educating you and converting you to a Spanish food lover ..if you weren't already.  All the girls had a great time.  Those that live here are going to do their classes as well.

Then after the classes we came back home and ate more food, sat around talking then said our goodbyes.  So many laughs and so much fun.  It was a great weekend

Monday, November 22, 2010

Party Day

The night before saw the frantic race to get the pom poms ready

And all the kids lolly (favour) bags

And then on party day...... it rained all day......but my BAM constructed a wind and rain proof layer and it worked even had "flashing" a technical term for layer placed over a gap. 

All the bunting was dry as were all the pom poms.

All on the same plan in the same row...what are the chances of that?

All the girls arrived from the airport about two hours before the party...all drenched.  But once they were here they stayed dry.  It was just the kids that were drenched and freezing.  The chattering teeth gave it away.  My daughter ate to much food and was sick and the boys rode their bikes into the crowd.

The cake was excellent.  I have always wanted one of these cakes and I opted for the chocolate version.

We had a big slumber party that night.  Blind taste testing of alcohol beverages from our past.  Quizes and questions from the past and photo sessions.

Another picture of the roses in my garden

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cross that off my list


Lollie packs - for the girls


 Balloons (well a sample)

 Pom Poms (heres a picture of the practice ones)

Birthday banner

More Flowers from my garden...there are just so many at the moment

Nearly There

Only two days to go till my party for my 40th birthday.  Six of my closest friends are coming from interstate and they are all staying here...I have planned a retro evening.  West Coast Coolers, Strongbow, Baileys Irish Cream, Sherbies, Mint Slices, Tim Tams, Cadbury's Dairy Milk , Hubba Bubba bubble gum and Redskins.

I'm also dusting off ABBA, Spandu Ballet, Duran Duran, Johnny Farnham and a bit of Patrick Swayze.  I've also planned quiz night questions from the 80's. 

AND..."They" have forecasted torrential rain and yes we are having it outside.  So my BAM has, in his lunch time, "whipped" into Bunnings to purchase some tarps.  We will attempt to provide a rain break.  Not sure if it will work.  I gave him strict instructions on what would be appropriate colours.  He hasn't called so he must of got the correct colour.

I have finished most of the decorations and all the kids and adult favour bags.  I have just got to pick up food  now.... oh and make the table cloth's.  I can't really do this until the tables arrive as I want to be able to size them correctly.

Eloise has started dancing and we are preparing for the end of year concert.  Thankfully there are no costumes requiring to be made.  But can you believe they insist all toddlers wearing make-up  (she is not even going to let me do her hair let alone her make-up).  At least her costume is age appropriate.  There is ample fabric coverage of her body.  She is earmarked to be the star fish.  My girlfriends 5yr old daughter (in another dance school) has got to wear a bikini.

Hopefully after the party I can get back to my sewing....

All my boys went walking and they returned bearing gifts

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

David Austin's in Bloom

After all the rains we have had I have not had a chance to get to look at my garden. Today was the first real time I've had.  I cut a great bunch from the garden and the whole kitchen smells like rose and myrrh.

 All the David Austin's- Ambridge, Evelyn, Golden Celebration, Graham Thomas, Abraham Darby....are all in bloom and even the rains did not get to them too has been quite cool so they still look good.

All the daisy's are flowering and the English box has gone mad.  All my lavender has doubled in size and the seaside daisy has gone rampant.

Sewing... well I have been doing lots of that.  I have finished making the 30 meters of bunting.  I have nearly finished the 12 aprons and the shopping bags are tonight's task.  That just leaves the birthday banner and the roof decorations.  

The kids and I made a cake and decorated it with dinosaurs.  If their faces are anything to go by, both during and after, I guess it means they loved the cake. 

This week is a very short week for me at work only working one day and then I will be back getting on with all the party preparations. The food is next and I hate to admit but I am getting it all catered for. I'd rather sew then cook...for this occasion anyhow.

I've also been trying to source a pinata cake. I can't find anyone who can make me one. I will try again tomorrow.

And finally... I am addicted to BBC's Eastenders. I have just found out that Alfie and Kat are coming back. Now I just have to wait until Australia gets to see episodes.