Sunday, November 20, 2011

Raw edge applique

I am fast becoming addicted to raw edge applique.  When I first started quilting (about 8 yrs ago) I hated applique and I was only into machine piecing.  The quilts go together so quick.  However I have ended up with a mountain of quilts some of which I don't really like any more.

Now I have less time than ever before and you would think that I would have suck to machine piecing due to the I decided to hand sew and quilts are very slow to finish these days.

However in the interests of feeling productive I have discovered raw edge applique for pillows.  I think I have made five now and this is the sixth one.  It is a gift for a friends nephew whose name happens to be Jamie.  Here's a sneak peak.  I still have to spray baste and sew the edges of the applique and quilt the pillow top.

I have also made some more circles for the Georgetown Turnaround quilt I've been working one.  I just loved playing with all the colours to make the large circles.  I've now only to pick the colours for the small circles....oh and piece everything together of course.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A five year old's art work

In order to spring clean I had he throw away a lot of E's artwork but not before taking some pictures and storing it for later on.

Here is one of her brothers attempts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Garden In Bloom

We got home from our holiday and the garden was brimming with flowers......And I especially love all the David Austin Roses



And then I was having a spring clean and I have piles of art out with the digital camera and the wheelie bin (I kept the best ones for the scrap book).  Next year I will have double the amount (thank goodness for the digital camera.)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where have I been?

Port Douglas




Everyone had lots of fun....


However we had lots of trouble with the internet connection  so no blogging whilst away and no reading of my favourite blogs either...however I was busy sewing.....

So what have I been sewing?

More Wheels.....


More Hexagons....

you will all be pleased to know that I have finished all the extra blocks....I did do a little happy dance when I finished the last one.

And Finally....what does your pin cushion look like?

It has been said that mine is a little bit obsessive and some people go to great lengths to mix up my colours when I leave the room :-)