Sunday, January 29, 2012


Since moving to the country we have been shopping (quite a lot).  At least the banks will be happy with us...not to sure I am.

So what have we bought?

Acreage (17 of them...because I need a bigger garden or so Mr Little says!)

Northern View...think rose garden here

Western view - The Little's are off for a walk to the nearest tree

A new car (sorry best photo I had) because we need the extra seats (seven of them now)

Southern View

 And fabric and food (as can't have enough)

We drove the Ballan (in the new car) to Mill Rose Cottage (which is my idea of heaven) because it has all this wonderful fabric and books and cottons and .......

And it also has this fantastic place to eat and drink right next door.......(you can come and stay the whole day)

And the rose garden would have to be just that I have some room in my new garden I will be aspiring to achieve something similar (Oh no!!!! says Mr Little)

And I couldn't leave empty I snapped up some of the French General range to add to my collection....I can feel another quilt coming on.

And on a lighter note "The Little's" have opened a hair dressing salon...which might come in handy (somehow) - might need to receive some customer feedback from our first client before investing too much capital (not sure if that is a smile or a grimace).

Friday, January 20, 2012

What have I been doing?

I am still here.  I have started work at my new job and we have a lot of visitors. It has been really great to see everyone and as a result all of my usual activities have been shelved (but not completely).

What have I been working on?  I have been hand quilting (Yes Auntie M you read right).  Never thought I hear myself say that.  I have been using pearle 8 cotton and the fantastic Jenna Kimble's redwork needles (size 9).  I am liking this sort of quilting.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the blocks I have yet to do.

I have finally got a home for my sewing machine in our new home.  For the first few weeks it lived in the hall we have moved it into the lounge and I can get going on all my embroidery projects I have in my mind.  More to come on that later.

I have also been crocheting the hexagons and working on some more Georgetown Turnaround circles.  I have to take some more pictures to show you next post.