Monday, August 22, 2011

Georgetown Turnaround

On the weekend I went to Ballarat Patchwork to do Trish Harpers Quilt "Georgetown Turnaround". 

It was a brilliant day.  As usual Emma was lovely.  I love her shop so much.  The moment I walk in I just want to wrap myself in all the fabrics (not sure how Emma would react to this).  If there ever was a place that I could spend the rest of my life and never want to leave this would be it.  A island paradise is not for me... rather Ballarat patchwork.  I spent money I didn't have because I wanted it all to come home with me.  Emma only let me take what I paid for.....can't understand why I couldn't temporarily look after it all for her back here in Melbourne.

The class started at 10am (and my lovely BAM and all the "littles" (I love that Trish!!) dropped me off very punctually).  I didn't realise it at the time that Trish, in her car, and we in ours were playing "I'm the leader" all the way to Ballarat.  How I know this is because we had a very conspicuous green frilly cushion (long story) in the back window of the car and she kept on watching the car in front with the rather "attractive" pillow and she kept over taking it only for the green pillow car to over take her.

So back to the class.  It was brilliant.  A wonderful group of girls were in the class and we were all so engrossed in everything Trish was saying and doing that the first time I looked at the time was 3pm and that was only because my stomach was have a party with all the hunger pains.

So here is the first block.  I finished it already!!! Only about 18 to go.  (Wonder how long this one will take me?).

So what did I buy from Ballarat patch work....too much and not enough. 

Trish put me on to these needles.  Jenna Kimble's redwork needles.  All I can say is where have you been all my life. 

Trish also introduced me to another gem.  I now have a 0.9mm retractable pencil that can use the white lead refills.  Great for all the dark fabric marking.

And then there was the fabric....more on that later

I feel rather constrained when I look at this. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy with the Hexgons

I have been focusing on the hexagons this week to try and get them finished.  However I am over it and I keep falling asleep.....this last push is the hardest.

I also started the Ninjas for Miss E.  I have cut the fabric out and that's it.  I hopefully will get back to it this week.

This weekend the snow trip is on.  It is very cold right now so hopefully the snow will be not too icy.
We are off to Baw Baw.

Next weekend I am off to Ballarat to do the Georgetown quilt at Ballarat Patchwork

I have inspiration for my next quilt.  After I finish the hexagons I am inspired by these things to make my green and blue quilt for my bedroom.  Can you tell I am/was a chemist.