Saturday, June 25, 2011

More progress

True to the promise I made myself I have been busy attempting to finish projects.

I've finished oldest sons pillow.... finally

My hexagon quilt is on the way to being a a quilt top.  I am very slowly sewing the rows together (by hand....yes Auntie Meredithe you read right.... by hand).  I have also been working on the mariners compass that is now about 6 years uncompleted.  I am also knitting a wiggly scarf (no not the children's wiggles) but the BHG/Spotlight pattern.....will put pictures up soon.

A few months back we planted some carrots and capsicums and peas.  Not sure what really happened there with all the produce but I am happy to say we now have some carrots almost ready to harvest.....even if they are unique in shape.

I've also been book shopping.  I saw this excellent book and fell in love and just had to have it 

I found the book here

and I also saw this book in one of my craft magazines and just had to have it as well.   Both have been put with the rest of my other craft books (and yes Auntie height and colour order ;-))

I found the book here

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Another dance concert has been and gone and E has progressed so much in a few months. 

It is tradition to receive flowers at the end of your performance.  Well on this particular crazy day in "our house of Chaos" we had a very busy schedule (when isn't it?).  E had a very special birthday party to go to (otherwise we would not have gone) and it finished at 1.30pm.  Her concert was at 2pm and yeap you guessed it they were no where near each other.  So after dragging my crying daughter away from the fantastic fun birthday party early...dressing her in the street...doing her hair and make up on the curb, having her yell at me because I was pulling her hair..(all the residents were twitching their curtains by this stage)...I had to leave the purchasing of the flowers up to my BAM (fingers crossed that he bought nice pretty flowers)....and he didn't let us down.

I loved them so much that I am using them as inspiration for the next quilt I have decided to make.  I just love Trish Harpers quilts and I just love Ballarat Patchwork. 

In August Trish (no blog or web site that I know) is teaching this class  (Georgetown Turnaround)

at Ballarat Patchwork.....well how could I say no!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yo-yo's mean different things to different people

to quilters..they mean

to kids..... they mean

to me....... they mean

and they are hard to get if you don't live in South Australia.

So on my last trip to Adelaide I bought many packets.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


BC (before children) I was a production manager for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and each month I needed to measure my WIP-work in progress.  WIP cost's money and the more WIP you had the more money you were carrying and the more pressure you received from the financial controllers.

Thankfully I don't have to measure my WIP when it comes to my quilting projects and thankfully there are  no financial controllers as I think I this venture would be non-viable as my WIP is huge.

However this is the year for getting my WIP (UFO's) reduced.  This month I have made some serious progress.

I have finished Eee's library bag


 I have finished Eee's pillow for her bed

I have finished Jjj's pillow for his bed  


The hexagons are still on the go!!! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm still here

It has been a big few weeks.  E turned 5 and we had 23 five years old for her birthday party.  I have only just recovered and now we have end of year dance concerts and a long list of her friends birthday parties to attend.

I made her a rainbow cake.

I made her a banner and Pom Poms.

I didn't make bunting but I did decorate the marque.

I made all the food and  my BAM was the entertainment.....he came as a clown.

I have done lots of sewing.  My hexagons are nearly all together..then I have all the white hexagons to fill in the gaps to the border.

I have crocheted heaps of hexagons for my crochet rug and I have nearly finished all of the cushions for the children.

I have the design of my next quilt worked out and I have identified the next UFO in my collection that will get worked on once the hexagons are finished.

I have also been knitting a scarf.  Pictures of that one later.