Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's already December

....and we just put the Christmas tree up yesterday (I got it up in the first week of December this year...not the third week like last year) ...however it was minus the decorations.  They are in a box in storage some where.

So I am making decorations.  I have started crocheting stars 

and I have started making a mini-stocking advent calender (doubling as a Christmas tree garland at the moment) as my tree looks bare.  I have yet to make the remaining 16...I've got until Saturday to make the next lot before the kids catch up with me....

This weekend we are going to make paper chains and lanterns (thanks Meg for the suggestion).

I have also continued on with the rag rug..bad photo but it is actually bigger.

and the house .....its painted's the hallway

front door

and inside the shed (the floor/slab is happening this week)

and look ...a bit of heat and all the green goes from the grass.