2011 challenge

My house is being over run with fabric, quilts and UFO bags.  So to get on top of this nightmare here is my challenge for 2011.

      The rules:
  • I have a mountain of fabric that needs to be dealt with. My BAM has been told that he should bury me in all my fabric (I do intend to take it with me) though at this stage I don't think they will accommodate me and the volumes of fabric so I will need to consume some. So half the new projects I start this year need to be made (where possible) from fabric I already possess.

Part 1:
I am guilty of having to many unfinished objects (UFO's) in my sewing room.  I have this really bad habit of making a bag to house a project in.  So I have all these great UFO bags (that I can't use). 
My resolution for 2011 is to finish some of these UFO's. To say that I will finish them all will be very optimistic.  As an incentive I will present all the UFO's I finish.  I will also describe all the ones that I do some work on (just so I don't feel like a complete loser when I don't finish a single one by the years end).

UFO's I've worked on in 2011:
Grandmas flower garden - my version
  •  Carpenters Wheel
  • Candlewick Quilt
  •  BOM
  • Marinas Compass

UFO's I finished in 2011:

  •  Blended Irish Chain
  • Flannelet Teddy Bear panel quilt:

Part 2:

Because I am an addict to fabric and suspect that if I don't start any new projects this year then I will probably have a major melt down I will let myself do some new projects.  This list has got to be smaller than than the lists above...and no more than half are to be made from brand new yet to be bought fabric. (see rules above)

New Quilts for 2011:
  • Quilts for Queensland