Monday, March 18, 2013


We are moving house at the computers and no Internet.  Telstra is being an absolute joy to work with getting the phone line installed.  Before we started this I thought that trying to get a phone line installed would not be straight forward as nothing with Telstra ever is.  And they have not let me down...It is 3 weeks now that we have been in negotiation for an essential service - as per legislation (...see I even now this now). 

So this post comes via someones else's Internet connection.

We are busy shifting furniture and moving boxes, boxes and more boxes. We also have a requirement from local council to have a total of 100m3 of garden beds planted up with 150 plants by the end of March (comes of having a sewage treatment tank as opposed to a septic tank). 

I still have been managing to sew and crochet.  I have finished all my blocks for the Georgetown Turn Around and am now working on sewing them into the background.  I have also been crocheting cushions for the teachers at school for Easter presents (as opposed to buying Easter eggs).  I will have photos soon (well when Telstra decide to connect our phone that is).

In the meantime I have this.