Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's already December

....and we just put the Christmas tree up yesterday (I got it up in the first week of December this year...not the third week like last year) ...however it was minus the decorations.  They are in a box in storage some where.

So I am making decorations.  I have started crocheting stars 

and I have started making a mini-stocking advent calender (doubling as a Christmas tree garland at the moment) as my tree looks bare.  I have yet to make the remaining 16...I've got until Saturday to make the next lot before the kids catch up with me....

This weekend we are going to make paper chains and lanterns (thanks Meg for the suggestion).

I have also continued on with the rag rug..bad photo but it is actually bigger.

and the house .....its painted's the hallway

front door

and inside the shed (the floor/slab is happening this week)

and look ...a bit of heat and all the green goes from the grass.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Few New Things

I am a bit bored of my current projects so need a break.  So I decided to make a rag rug.

I bought the Ric Rac pattern and got some inexpensive fabric and got started.  It is very addictive and is about half the size I want it to be at the end...but it grows quick.

Some of the strips of fabric

I also went my favourite shop in Ballarat...Ballarat Patchwork. I didn't leave empty handed.
I also shopped online at material obsession. I joined the fabric club (two of them) and I got some templates for my next project.

I just couldn't decide which one I liked better so got them both...and you can never have too much fabric

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been a while

I have just been politely pushed re:my posting frequency....but my lack of posting is not because I forgot or didn't want to.

I have had people staying in the spare room which is where the computer is and have found it hard to get to it...and the camera has been travelling in the car back and forth to the new house with my BAM and when I have wanted to use it it was not around.

I have been busy sewing though.  I have finished all the blocks for one of my quilts for our friends daughter (now have to sew them together.  It is a quilt as you go).  I also have another like it that I have to do.  It is all cut ready to be sewn.

I have also been madly trying to finish the Georgetown Turnaround (I am on the quarters and halves now).  I have also been trying to finish the crocheted quilt (only 40 more squares to go) before we move into the house.

The house is moving along - getting it all plumbed to the water supply tanks

and now they've gone inside

Shed site

and The Shed (my BAM (see silhouette) is so happy) - he says you can park 8 cars in it....and no we don't and never will have 8 cars)

Inside Shed - still WIP

Not long now...but will it be before Christmas.....???

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the home straight now

I have been busy trying to finish Georgetown Turnaround.  I have now finished all the little circles and tonight  I am starting all the quarters and half circles.

The house has moved along quite a bit....this part has gone really quick

Front of the house...still to have a veranda added

Back of house

And we had a birthday in our house...notice no age reference with candles..must be someone with too many to count

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making Progress

Remember these.....

Well now they are looking like this.

And remember Georgetown Turnaround

Well now I am on to the little circles...about 11 of them I think

And here is the fairy costume....complete

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have discovered shirring.....and best of all I have discovered how to sew on my machine with elastic.  I would have never thought it possible....(I know I don't get out much).

Think I will be shirring everything quick will it be to make dresses for my little girl....

I discovered Shirring as I have had to make a fairy costume for my little girl for an upcoming birthday party.  I tried to buy one (this was the first choice of the time poor mum) and then realised that my girl is not your average sized 6 year old and none were fitting her...she is too tall.

So I went to the dreaded "S" shop, twice (lucky me) and here's where we are at.

The shirred bodice.  (I can't help but think 60's boob tube).  Then I have started the under skirt.

Then I have got some wings and head dress...(I bought these)

Then I have started the over skirt.

The party is next Saturday so I will be busy trying to get this finished in time.
And to finish ....a house progress update. 
Frame stage is finished. This is the back of the house

This is the front of the house.

As is the way....we have had gale force winds so there has been no further the next stage is putting on the roof...we are now in the queue waiting for the roofing guys.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh Dear.......

So I guess sewing in your pyjamas at lunch time with a sink full of breakfast dishes was not an option.....

Monday, August 20, 2012

At Last

The house has started.  But first...a picture of sunrise (in the middle of winter)

Meet Adrian...he's the man in the warm and dry cab making everything flat.

Two days later and Adrian is still going.

Adrian has had to go away and hes coming back to do the shed site and the he's left a new toy for the kids to play on.

However see the water tank in the foreground...some how my BAM has to get it up to the top of the hill....and it is rather large...too big for any trailer I've seen

The most important milestone in the project has been met...the porta loo has turned up

Work so far.....all the sub floor is week they pour the slab.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What else have I been doing?

I have finished this

And I have been shopping (at the craft fair at Jeff's shed in July) and got the new Kelly Wulfson pattern....very talented lady

Then I bought Jenny Mc Whinney Redwork book (and she even signed it). It is single thread and I think I could even manage to do one in Red and one in Blue for the boys......

Saturday, August 11, 2012

400 of them

I have been busy with my queen size bed cover.  I am crocheting granny squares and then these are all going to be crocheted together to form a queen size bed cover.

The only draw back is that there are four hundred of these to be made.

 Which means  lots of these

Which then become lots of these

Which become these (not as many)

Look at all those tails that need sewing in......

Very ambitious I think! 

I have made 200 wheels and about 100 white half way there. 

My aim is to finish it before our new house is finished (which is March 2013)