Saturday, August 11, 2012

400 of them

I have been busy with my queen size bed cover.  I am crocheting granny squares and then these are all going to be crocheted together to form a queen size bed cover.

The only draw back is that there are four hundred of these to be made.

 Which means  lots of these

Which then become lots of these

Which become these (not as many)

Look at all those tails that need sewing in......

Very ambitious I think! 

I have made 200 wheels and about 100 white half way there. 

My aim is to finish it before our new house is finished (which is March 2013)


  1. It is looking great so far - you just have to have that "DOGGED" determination Meredithe used in getting that Billings quilt finished. (Glad you have finally blogged something got sick of looking at E's tooth fairy pillow)!!!!! Helen F

  2. My God Veronica, you certainly never say die, do you?! Looks good though...
    I was thinking of trying to learn how to crochet this next year... any suggestions of where/how to best learn? My Grandma tried teaching me once, but I wasn't really interested and didn't get it then.

  3. By the way, I did NOT write that other Helen F comment! Who is Anonymous masquerading as me?

    1. I know two Helen F's - Firman and Fisher lol lucky I knew who was who (the CT gave it away as in HFCT)...I taught myself from the internet...mainly via Martha Stewart and couple other sites...only way I could being left handed...hows the travelling going?