Sunday, July 31, 2011

A sneak peak at the hexagons....

I have been working hard on the hexagons.  I have got 90% of it assembled as a quilt top.  I have decided that it needs to be a bit wider so I have made an additional 8 blocks.  However this meant that I had to order some more fabric and this slowed me down (I was very lucky to find it).  It is looking here is a sneak peak.  And yes Meredithe all by hand!!! ;-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A treat - Chocolate Strawberries

In the quest to get my children to eat more than toast I have attempted to get them more involved in cooking.  They choose what to cook each Sat night for dinner.  This week they selected pizza subs and choc dipped strawberries and choc dipped bananas.

They loved making them .....though J said "bananas are very slippery Mummy"

A Girls Coat

In my frustration to find a coat for E to wear outside and play I've decided to make her one....  (Evidently you need layers in a cold one told me as where I grew up it was always bad a Mum do I feel like?)

I used the pattern from Saffron Craig
 I modified it slightly as either I'm a bad dress maker or my daughter has a long neck and long arms.  (Not sure which one is a better condition really.)

But ..will she wear it?..."Well Mummy it not my favourite, but I will wear it every second day!"  Ben 10 is still number one it seems.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sewing, Cooking, Reading.....

So what have I been COOKING?

I have just found the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies....ever.  Nigella Lawson of course.  From her latest cookbook "Kitchen".  I really find it hard to not like anything in this recipe book
Nigella's book
And this is what I am talking about...everyone loves them.  My tip - use Cadbury millk choc chip bits.

And what have I been SEWING?

I have attempted the little fabric baskets from Spoonful of Sugar Blog.  I just love all their creations.
Here is what mine looked like.

I still have to sew binding down!

 And then I thought I would try the fabric gift preparation for the end of year gift giving...but I had a few problems...the fabric was too stiff and I could not get a small opening.

I have also finished a quilt that I am giving to my really good friend Jill.  It has taken a while (a few years) but I got there in the end.

Blended Irish Chain Quilt
And what about my READING?

I have been to the library..... The kidlikins love books.  So we went to the library (it has been closed for renovations).  Whilst they were trying to get as many books in their library bags as possible (my BAM was supervising them...hence the challenge of trying to see how robust Mummy's new library bag creations were...and they were!!!) I checked out the creative section.  I found this great book that I have just subsequently had to buy!

I managed to find it here

And for a rare TREAT...
A rainbow in our bathroom.  It was fantastic and has appeared several times since.  E loved it and always waits for it to appear on sunny days!