Sunday, March 20, 2011

I went shopping

Well I know I had this new years resolution that I would only use material from my stash and I have been true to that.  Well this weekend I went shopping and I sort of bought some new material.  I don't think I have truly broken my resolution as these materials are being used for specific purposes (well that's my story and I am sticking to it).

We went to Warrnambool this weekend.  I have only ever driven through there.  This time we stayed.  It was a great place.  There was so much to do.  It is really pretty and I am in love with all the architecture there.  A lot of art deco homes.  I have a new found appreciation of this style now. 

 I didn't take any photos this time but we will be going back so I will then.

I visited the Fragrant Cottage Quilt shop.  Here is what I left with:

I fell in love with French General range of fabrics.  I bought these two to make myself a monogrammed cushion   (I did say I had something special on mind for this?)

I also bought this fabric for E's library bag

But then I saw this one as well so she might have two bags for her library books

So now that I have discovered French General fabrics I have some big ideas for quilts and embroidery.  I have been wanting to use some ideas from my "Made in France" book I recently bought I have so many little time

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Quilt for Ever

Last Saturday I went sewing with the girls and they had a big surprise for me.

They had made me a quilt for my birthday (belated).

It is gorgeous. I feel very special.  I came home and showed the family.  I think my opening words were: "How many gifts will you get like this in a life time"  That's what makes it special.  All the girls put in lots of time and effort and I feel very loved.  Thank-you to them all.  In fact check out Meredithe's blog (the Chief Conspirator behind this gorgeous quilt)

Well what have I been working on: hexagons and hexagons and more hexagons.  I am even tired of typing it.  But its the last push now.  (BTW this is when I usually give up and go work on another project...but I am determined to get this finished).  Only about five more diamonds are needing white hexagons.  Then the fun bit begins - sewing it all together.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inspiration from Santiago

I have been lucky enough to visit Chile and in some of my spare time whilst there I walked the city.  Such a beautiful city.  All these wonderful things of inspiration.

The colourful buildings that line the streets (a bit like the islands of Venice)

And I admit it I'm a bit of a saddo..I see tiles and I think how can I make a quilt like this. 

So recently on my meanderings through "blog land" I found this great site and this wonderful talented textile designer Karen Barbe.  I fell in love with her work and her site.  And yes you guessed it she is from Santiago.  Hence the link.  Don't you just love the fact that google translates sites for you (though this one is in English..but more on great international blogs later). 

She has been designing these great bags.  I really want to get myself one of these (and I really need another bag!!). 

see her web site for more but here is the link to the bags

Friday, March 4, 2011

Back from Brisbane

After having spent the last three days in Brisbane I am glad to be home.  It was three days without the Manic Munchins.  You would think I feel rested and on top of the world?  Nope I am exhausted.  I tried to get some hexagons done while I was away.  Didn't even pick one up.

Daddy had to handle everything on his own this week.  I had children going everywhere.  My fantastic neighbour dropped Eloise off to Kinder.  Grandma picked her up.  Got extra days at Childcare and Grandma looked after the boys on one day.  Meals were the interesting bit.  I had a schedule and I  had lots of meals prepared.  Heat and eat or defrost, heat and eat.  Haven't looked to see if they were all eaten.  I suspect there were a few extra takeaways.  I had prepared kinder lunches ahead of time and all Daddy had to do was add water to the drink bottle. 

One of the Heat and Eat Meals - Zucchini Slice
This weekend I plan to do nothing, well that is outside of catching up with the girls from my sewing group, and movies on Sunday for the whole family.