Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Quilt for Ever

Last Saturday I went sewing with the girls and they had a big surprise for me.

They had made me a quilt for my birthday (belated).

It is gorgeous. I feel very special.  I came home and showed the family.  I think my opening words were: "How many gifts will you get like this in a life time"  That's what makes it special.  All the girls put in lots of time and effort and I feel very loved.  Thank-you to them all.  In fact check out Meredithe's blog (the Chief Conspirator behind this gorgeous quilt)

Well what have I been working on: hexagons and hexagons and more hexagons.  I am even tired of typing it.  But its the last push now.  (BTW this is when I usually give up and go work on another project...but I am determined to get this finished).  Only about five more diamonds are needing white hexagons.  Then the fun bit begins - sewing it all together.


  1. What a wonderful gift - you are lucky to have such special friends.

    Thanks for the comment on my basket - it is a really easy design - I will post a "how to" soon.

  2. So glad you like the quilt, it was such fun to make! And didn't we choose the border fabric well!!!!! (and thanks for the mention!)