Sunday, March 20, 2011

I went shopping

Well I know I had this new years resolution that I would only use material from my stash and I have been true to that.  Well this weekend I went shopping and I sort of bought some new material.  I don't think I have truly broken my resolution as these materials are being used for specific purposes (well that's my story and I am sticking to it).

We went to Warrnambool this weekend.  I have only ever driven through there.  This time we stayed.  It was a great place.  There was so much to do.  It is really pretty and I am in love with all the architecture there.  A lot of art deco homes.  I have a new found appreciation of this style now. 

 I didn't take any photos this time but we will be going back so I will then.

I visited the Fragrant Cottage Quilt shop.  Here is what I left with:

I fell in love with French General range of fabrics.  I bought these two to make myself a monogrammed cushion   (I did say I had something special on mind for this?)

I also bought this fabric for E's library bag

But then I saw this one as well so she might have two bags for her library books

So now that I have discovered French General fabrics I have some big ideas for quilts and embroidery.  I have been wanting to use some ideas from my "Made in France" book I recently bought I have so many little time

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  1. Gorgeous fabrics and no, you haven't broken your resolution; they are definitely for a purpose! With you all the way, girl!! Isn't Fragrant Cottage lovely? Just as well you saw it before it closes. x