Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Block of the Month

How many of you are in Block Of The Month clubs?  Well I am in three.  I love them.  I would get into more but I find them a bit hard to find.  Well ones that suit my tastes.  Maybe I should create one of my own.  Though suspect I might only be the only member of the club.

The Adelaide Collection

The New Floral Sampler

Once Upon a Time

I need another challenge!  Well if you know me then you would know that needle turn applique is not my favourite.  But I just love William Morris and Michelle Hill quilts.  And the fantastic people at Patchwork by the sea and Honeysuckle Stained Glass and Patchwork are running these two blocks of the month.  The third one is from Honeysuckle as well and I love embroidery so I have to stitch all the Nursery Rhyme for Miss E.  This pattern is by Melly and Me (and she is another favourite of mine).

Hexagon update:

I have successfully sewn all the white hexagons to all the blocks (just the edge blocks to go) YIPPEEEE!!!!............... so now I am sewing diamonds on to the blocks.  Then I will iron them all...going to love that job!  They are very hard to iron.  Then the fun bit begins sewing them all together and watching it grow.  Will show some pictures soon

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  1. 3 BOM's!! - and I thought I was bad!! Well done with the hexagons - can't wait to see them! M.