Thursday, February 24, 2011

New handmade bag for dancing classes

I've been promising a new bag for Eloise for Dancing and I finally finished it. I just love the fabric. I going to try and find some more of it.


I have nearly finished the bags for the boys.



Apart from that I have been sewing hexagons, hexagons and more hexagons. I'm beginning to dream of white hexagons. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are the quilts for Queensland that I finshed and have sent off to Retromummy.



I've nearly finished the pillow tops for all the kidilins and their friends...belated Christmas presents.   Sneak peak next blog.

Off to watch Gossip Girl now and yeap you guessed it...more hexagons

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The year has started

Well last week was a reminder (in case I had forgotten) that Christmas and holidays are well and truely over.  Everything has started: Dancing; Kinder and Swimming and I think I have bitten of more than I can chew.  I am hoping things settle down.  The kids are constantly in and out of cars with pick-up and drop off and with just general living.

Elosie started her first day of Kinder.  She was so ready for kinder.

The boys also had their first swimming lesson ever. Nicky took to it like a duck to water.  Jamie screamed the whole session.  Even when they turned up for the second lesson it was the same.  Although this time the teacher managed to distract Jamie enough by playing with the water toys that he forgot to cry for the last 5 minutes of the class.  The screams of "Mummy I want you" stopped for long enough for me to think that this might have a chance of working.

We've been busy baking and practicing using our lunch boxes.  I only thought at the last moment that we might need to practice opening and shutting the containers.  So we had a practice run.

I have seriously gone over board on the containers though. All my spring cleaning at Christmas freeing up room in my cupboard was not in vein I just hoped that the space would have been around for a few more months.

As an attempt to get more interest in food, as I have three fussy eaters, we decided that we should plant some vegies, water and watch them progress and then pick them and use them in cooking.  So we got busy planting last weekend.  I've never really grown much before so well see how it all goes.

So with all this behind me I am on to sewing again.  I am making bags for the kids, I am finishing off quilts for Queensland and working on the dreaded white hexagons.  It all just takes time, though I am feeling like I am about to have one of those weeks where lots of things finish all together.  I love weeks like that.  Then you can move on to all the new projects.