Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I've been busy.....

I have started to make all the kiddelinks an "eyespy" quilt.  I have decided to go circular as I am not a big fan of the square pattern.  I have to make 36 squares each (108 in total) and I am making it a "quilt as you go"....so I will be hand sewing for quite a while.  However I seem to have run out of the novelty fabrics so I just might have to go and get some more!!

This is the first one

I have also been making a rug for the camper.  Could not resist the rainbow look for the retro decorated camper.  I am about a third of the way through.

 And I have started to make my little girl a shawl. I am using the pattern from Coffee and Vanilla

I am in a hurry to get this one done quickly as the cold weather looks like it might be gone - As this was the day in the office today!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Latest Projects

I have been crocheting and paper piecing. 

Firstly the camper is in need of some crocheted blankets just to make the camper more retro.

So I have started on about three extra blankets for the kidelinks and my BAM.  (None of who will appreciate the hard work rather just the warmth they might bring....)

So the first one...it is going to be a double size blanket.  Its pattern is from the Better Homes and garden magazine

It involves making lots of squares and sewing them together

I've made a start on the numerous little ones........

And I have been paper piecing via a BOM

I've used Lecien Flower Sugar fabrics.  I will be joining using the triangles and I have picked a green background fabric.  Have not started joining yet!!!

And we have a new addition to our house
Meet Misty

She's been with us about a month now.....and the kids love her to death....poor thing is so "handled"  the kidelinks never leave her alone.

And here is our house in the depths of winter....it was -2degC the night this photo was taken ...but I got a sweat up outside gardening at lunch time.  And it is so still and calm.  Love it

Look how full the dam is and the orchid...well it does not look that different to a year ago when all the trees were planted

And the best to last ...my new front lawn.  It came at the cost of my back!!!!

Not quite your Paul Bangay but there are quite a few roses in there...all hidden away from BAM.  If he only saw the Treloar rose orders.........