Monday, August 12, 2013


Yippee we now have a home phone...but no Internet...that is still WIP.

So in the mean time when I have not been able to use the Internet from home I have been busy.

I have started some new quilt blocks.

I have been hand quilting.

I have been putting the binding on this quilt ....

I have been making more of these blocks.


I have also been making a roman blinds for the house.

I have found the fabric for my curtains in the lounge/dining area (photos to follow). This was no easy achievement - as it took hours of pouring over material swatches. I have settled on a white background (no surprises there) and a taupe outline drawing of a flower. It has a Laura Ashley feel to it. Photos to follow soon. I have decided not to make the curtains as I got a good deal with the making part and the thought of actually handling curtains that have 20m of fabric in them was a bit intimidating.....

....and the best bit of all I have now got a sewing room. (part 1..the other half photo didn't work out)

Outside we have planted our orchard (27 fruit trees at this stage)

and we are excavating and making terraces. This will then let me get on and plant up my garden. I have also ordered about 30 standard roses for the terraces and "Kew Gardens"

We also have grass on the croquet lawn (let me just qualify this..I have never and probably will never play Croquet - this was a joke that has stuck. I spent 12 hours raking this area of dirt  -  to make it smooth for the kids to play was so smooth that you could play croquet...hence the name). Now having explained that I can tell you it is no longer smooth. My BAM in his new red toy (tractor) has carved up the area. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!