Thursday, June 20, 2013

Using my Stash

As you may know we have moved into our new house AND for the first time ever I have all my sewing "materials" in the one room.  I have never had everything together before as it has been spread all around the house.  ....and I don't quite know how I am going to get any furniture or sewing machine tables in the room with it all.

Sooooo.... I have dived in to my fabric stash (almost literally) and I have collated and assembled all the fabrics I need for six of my next quilts....I will have to buy some background fabric for two of them but that should be it.

Here is the first one that I have started.

My pile of cut pieces

The blocks - I need to make 126 of these - that's 756 of the white kite pieces (can you tell I was once a scientist that loves Maths and Statistics) -  the permutations and combinations (in the mathematical sense as opposed the visual sense) are endless.

This is another hand sewing project (this is the only way I can slow myself down). 

I have also been crocheting some cushions for the couch.  I have finished one front of a cushion

I have nearly finished the second.  This is the Railway lines pattern from Sarah London

And this will be the third - I made this one up....

I will be starting the other quilts soon so I will take more pictures.