Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sundays BIG Lunch

Mothers day is today and we have just been out for the biggest lunch ever.  Well that is how my barrel (once a tummy) is feeling right now.  We have had a banquet and this one has not left me wanting any more food for months.  Soup,Thai salads, curries, noodles and fish. 

Yesterday my BAM said I could sleep in if I wanted...well someone should have told my 5year old as she wanted to open presents so Mummy needed to be awake to do that.  She had been busy at Kinder and Childcare and wanted to show me.  I loved her hand made cards the best.

The boys gave me an art canvas with their hand print on it and they made the best cards for me as well.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my sewing girls and we spent most of the afternoon chatting.  It was one of those days where very little sewing happened. And to top off a great day I spent the evening watching Spooks on the ABC and finishing off the hexagons.  I am getting excited now as I have nearly finished all the diamonds.

E's 5th birthday is next week and things are really busy here.  I have made her birthday banner and the pom poms and now need to see about making some more bunting for her party.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Easter Break

Because we had the extra public holiday this year we drove to Adelaide and stayed with Auntie Kate.

To make the trip a little easier we stayed over night in Horsham.  The kidilinks were so excited.....  they were "going on a holiday".  That was until we left Horsham on Day 2 ...the excitement levels changed as they realised they were to have another day just like the one the day before.  I think they asked "how much longer every 2 kms".  With 400 of them to go it was going to be a long day.  Thankfully we had the DVD.

Easter Sunday Easter Egg hunt

The weather was amazing.  I only packed for cool weather so I wore the some summery clothes for about a week (washing each night).  We went to the beach everyday.  One day we forgot all towels and changes of clothes so we had to raid the car and make do with what we found.  Because I am so organised and never run out of anything there were several options....each was workable..though not very coordinated. 

We had yiros on the beach for tea.....couldn't stomach Fish and Chips (trying to eliminate trans fats ....though I am sure the yiros has then as well).  Here we caught up with Auntie Darlene at the beach with all her boys. 

We went to the Zoo (with Auntie Cathy) and saw the Pandas - Funi and Wang Wang. But the big hit was the flamingos.  They were chatting to us and the kids loved it. 

We went shopping in Harbour Town (where oldest son decided to have a tantrum in the mall for about 40 minutes). We had long lazy lunch with friends on Easter Sunday. Caught up with Auntie Julie for coffee. We went for lots of walks and practiced our acrobatics

It was all really lovely.

We got home yesterday and I am still unpacking.

Whilst away I started to organised for E's 5th birthday party . We are having a rainbow party.  So I took the time and went to the "S" shop  and got rainbow fabric, streamers and materials to make banners and pom poms.

I have started to piece together my crochet hexagon quilt.  I cant believe how fast it goes together.  I will definitely be putting this on on my bed. I have a long way to go though before it is finished.