Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Girls Day

A completely unexpected opportunity.

Having twin boys who are 3.5 years old means that I don't have a queue of people lining up to voluntarily baby sit. So usually we just say no to any event  that has not got a paddock for the boys to run around it.  This means we don't go out much.  Because  we have two boys the same age it means that it is usually very hard to get long term day care as they never have two spots spare.  But that was not the case yesterday.

So with the chance to put the boys in Childcare I jumped at it and took E on a girls day adventure.  We started off at the AQC in the city in Carlton gardens (I forgot my camera in all the excitement).  It was a very beautiful and sunny day so we spent some time at the Hochgurtel fountain  getting wet with the water spray.

We spent about 2 hours at AQC.  Thats a long time for a 4 year old and she did really well. There were only two emergency toilet trips (both occurring when we were no where near the toilet). 
I bought some fabric for the boys to make them the dinosaur that I have been promising

...and E saw the famous Melly and Me's Little Ninjas, which she just had to have  (more on Ninjas later).

I bumped into so many people that I know.  The girls from sewing,  my very old and dear school friend  and  Karen and Paul  from Somerset Patchwork.

I picked up some more  of Rosalie Quinlans Sweet Broderie fabric

and some great jacket patterns from Make It Perfect.  Did I mention how hard it is to find good winter coats for three kids.  So now I will make them.

In the afternoon I caught up with another of my long time dear school friend with her three children and we have cake and coffee.  We spent the afternoon together and as always it felt like only 5 minutes. 

A great day!

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  1. It was great to see you there even if it was only briefly. Glad you and E enjoyed your day. We did too!