Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inspiration from Santiago

I have been lucky enough to visit Chile and in some of my spare time whilst there I walked the city.  Such a beautiful city.  All these wonderful things of inspiration.

The colourful buildings that line the streets (a bit like the islands of Venice)

And I admit it I'm a bit of a saddo..I see tiles and I think how can I make a quilt like this. 

So recently on my meanderings through "blog land" I found this great site and this wonderful talented textile designer Karen Barbe.  I fell in love with her work and her site.  And yes you guessed it she is from Santiago.  Hence the link.  Don't you just love the fact that google translates sites for you (though this one is in English..but more on great international blogs later). 

She has been designing these great bags.  I really want to get myself one of these (and I really need another bag!!). 

see her web site for more but here is the link to the bags

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  1. Love the tile photos - will this be another quilt for the list? Cheers Meredithe