Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been a while

I have just been politely pushed re:my posting frequency....but my lack of posting is not because I forgot or didn't want to.

I have had people staying in the spare room which is where the computer is and have found it hard to get to it...and the camera has been travelling in the car back and forth to the new house with my BAM and when I have wanted to use it it was not around.

I have been busy sewing though.  I have finished all the blocks for one of my quilts for our friends daughter (now have to sew them together.  It is a quilt as you go).  I also have another like it that I have to do.  It is all cut ready to be sewn.

I have also been madly trying to finish the Georgetown Turnaround (I am on the quarters and halves now).  I have also been trying to finish the crocheted quilt (only 40 more squares to go) before we move into the house.

The house is moving along - getting it all plumbed to the water supply tanks

and now they've gone inside

Shed site

and The Shed (my BAM (see silhouette) is so happy) - he says you can park 8 cars in it....and no we don't and never will have 8 cars)

Inside Shed - still WIP

Not long now...but will it be before Christmas.....???

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  1. About time!!!! I was just about to send you a "nudge" too but figured you were busy with the house. Looking good V - I bet you are down to counting the sleeps until you move in????Good... Helen F