Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have discovered shirring.....and best of all I have discovered how to sew on my machine with elastic.  I would have never thought it possible....(I know I don't get out much).

Think I will be shirring everything quick will it be to make dresses for my little girl....

I discovered Shirring as I have had to make a fairy costume for my little girl for an upcoming birthday party.  I tried to buy one (this was the first choice of the time poor mum) and then realised that my girl is not your average sized 6 year old and none were fitting her...she is too tall.

So I went to the dreaded "S" shop, twice (lucky me) and here's where we are at.

The shirred bodice.  (I can't help but think 60's boob tube).  Then I have started the under skirt.

Then I have got some wings and head dress...(I bought these)

Then I have started the over skirt.

The party is next Saturday so I will be busy trying to get this finished in time.
And to finish ....a house progress update. 
Frame stage is finished. This is the back of the house

This is the front of the house.

As is the way....we have had gale force winds so there has been no further the next stage is putting on the roof...we are now in the queue waiting for the roofing guys.

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  1. Hey Vee - I think your fairy dress is better than the ones in the shops!!!! you never cease to amaze me - everytime I click on your blog you are up to something different!!!!! You will have to take a photo of E in the costume and send it to me please. House is shaping up well!!! Helen F