Saturday, June 11, 2011


BC (before children) I was a production manager for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and each month I needed to measure my WIP-work in progress.  WIP cost's money and the more WIP you had the more money you were carrying and the more pressure you received from the financial controllers.

Thankfully I don't have to measure my WIP when it comes to my quilting projects and thankfully there are  no financial controllers as I think I this venture would be non-viable as my WIP is huge.

However this is the year for getting my WIP (UFO's) reduced.  This month I have made some serious progress.

I have finished Eee's library bag


 I have finished Eee's pillow for her bed

I have finished Jjj's pillow for his bed  


The hexagons are still on the go!!! 

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  1. Well done with the bag and the cushions - you've really taken to this technique haven't you?! Love the new header!!