Thursday, June 16, 2011


Another dance concert has been and gone and E has progressed so much in a few months. 

It is tradition to receive flowers at the end of your performance.  Well on this particular crazy day in "our house of Chaos" we had a very busy schedule (when isn't it?).  E had a very special birthday party to go to (otherwise we would not have gone) and it finished at 1.30pm.  Her concert was at 2pm and yeap you guessed it they were no where near each other.  So after dragging my crying daughter away from the fantastic fun birthday party early...dressing her in the street...doing her hair and make up on the curb, having her yell at me because I was pulling her hair..(all the residents were twitching their curtains by this stage)...I had to leave the purchasing of the flowers up to my BAM (fingers crossed that he bought nice pretty flowers)....and he didn't let us down.

I loved them so much that I am using them as inspiration for the next quilt I have decided to make.  I just love Trish Harpers quilts and I just love Ballarat Patchwork. 

In August Trish (no blog or web site that I know) is teaching this class  (Georgetown Turnaround)

at Ballarat Patchwork.....well how could I say no!!

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  1. Enjoy the class! I have the pattern and LOVE Ballarat Patchwork too!! (How clever of your BAM to choose such lovely flowers)