Saturday, June 25, 2011

More progress

True to the promise I made myself I have been busy attempting to finish projects.

I've finished oldest sons pillow.... finally

My hexagon quilt is on the way to being a a quilt top.  I am very slowly sewing the rows together (by hand....yes Auntie Meredithe you read right.... by hand).  I have also been working on the mariners compass that is now about 6 years uncompleted.  I am also knitting a wiggly scarf (no not the children's wiggles) but the BHG/Spotlight pattern.....will put pictures up soon.

A few months back we planted some carrots and capsicums and peas.  Not sure what really happened there with all the produce but I am happy to say we now have some carrots almost ready to harvest.....even if they are unique in shape.

I've also been book shopping.  I saw this excellent book and fell in love and just had to have it 

I found the book here

and I also saw this book in one of my craft magazines and just had to have it as well.   Both have been put with the rest of my other craft books (and yes Auntie height and colour order ;-))

I found the book here

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  1. Love the cushion - not so sure about the carrot! Well done with the hand work - need to come and re-sort your books tho'. Love Auntie Meredithe