Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy with the Hexgons

I have been focusing on the hexagons this week to try and get them finished.  However I am over it and I keep falling asleep.....this last push is the hardest.

I also started the Ninjas for Miss E.  I have cut the fabric out and that's it.  I hopefully will get back to it this week.

This weekend the snow trip is on.  It is very cold right now so hopefully the snow will be not too icy.
We are off to Baw Baw.

Next weekend I am off to Ballarat to do the Georgetown quilt at Ballarat Patchwork

I have inspiration for my next quilt.  After I finish the hexagons I am inspired by these things to make my green and blue quilt for my bedroom.  Can you tell I am/was a chemist.

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