Sunday, November 20, 2011

Raw edge applique

I am fast becoming addicted to raw edge applique.  When I first started quilting (about 8 yrs ago) I hated applique and I was only into machine piecing.  The quilts go together so quick.  However I have ended up with a mountain of quilts some of which I don't really like any more.

Now I have less time than ever before and you would think that I would have suck to machine piecing due to the I decided to hand sew and quilts are very slow to finish these days.

However in the interests of feeling productive I have discovered raw edge applique for pillows.  I think I have made five now and this is the sixth one.  It is a gift for a friends nephew whose name happens to be Jamie.  Here's a sneak peak.  I still have to spray baste and sew the edges of the applique and quilt the pillow top.

I have also made some more circles for the Georgetown Turnaround quilt I've been working one.  I just loved playing with all the colours to make the large circles.  I've now only to pick the colours for the small circles....oh and piece everything together of course.

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  1. That is one cute boat - your design? You have SO taken to raw edge applique, and obviously having so much fun!! Looking forward to seeing the Georgetown circles.