Friday, December 9, 2011

All things Red

Since I can remember my favourite colour has been red.  Well I have gone a bit crazy in the red department lately.  Red purse, red handbag, red shoes, red diary and my red iPhone.   To cut a long story short I had to urgently get a new phone yesterday.  An hour and a half later I left the telstra shop with this new phone.  Since I have got it home I have just looked at it and answered it when it has rang....I don't really have the energy to try and work out how to drive it yet.

Its that crazy time of year again.  Dance concerts,

birthday parties,

 The "Small" boys 4th birthday - I had to make two rocket cakes evidently rockets fly better when they are blue or green

 Christmas parties,
end of year parties and all the orientation activities for my year the "smalls" are all having a new adventure.  The boys to kinder and my beautiful girl starts school.  Where has all that time gone.  I do admit to wishing a lot of the time away went the boys were babies and really hard work....but now  I want it back.

I have been cleaning and I have been getting organised.  I have put in the one spot all my fabric.  It is really scary.  Even if I spend every waking moment before I die fabricating all this material I will still have a mountain left over.  Only one solution for it I will have to be buried in it.

floor to ceiling and three rows deep

I ordered some new patterns from Don't Look Now (after all I have all this fabric to use).  I was so excited to get them in the mail yesterday.

I have finished the pillow for my good friends nephew

I picked some flowers from the garden as they were just perfect

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  1. And I thought I was bad!! Pillow looks great and flowers are gorgeous. Can't believe how your children have grown!!