Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Craft

As we have just moved I did not have the energy to get out the boxes (yes that is right.... boxes) of Christmas the "littles" and Auntie Kate and I set out in making the decorations.  We used paper and felt.

We decided that poinsettias was the theme.  So we had a Poinsettia plant as the centre piece of the table and made some felt poinsettia's for the table and the tree. 

We used the pattern from the Christmas edition of Family circle

Next Auntie Kate made some felt decorations.

Even my "littles" made felt decorations

And to finish off various paper chains and paper Christmas shapes like stars and trees and candy canes to yield the finished product.  (excuse the freezer - we are lacking room these days).


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous Christmas tree. I LOVE the decorations - so clever. Love the littles Santa. Hope you're settling in well and not too flummoxed by all the boxes!

  2. I love the fact that you can't be bothered getting the already made Christmas decs out, obviously too tired (?!) so spend time making more!! Great effort!