Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We've moved

Earlier this year we decided to do a big move to the country and therefore bought 16 acres of sheep grazing land in the states north near apple and wine country.  We are going to build our house this year.  So in the last month I have been busily packing up the house and moving it approx 150km north.

How did it go?  I was very stressed (in terms of stress my Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale score was/is 177 which suggests  Risk of illness is moderate).  Well not sure about the resulting score and what it means.... but on moving day I the biggest headache that would not respond to any medication...I even got the big guns out.  Anyhow what stressed me out the most was watching the guys helping us pack put my Georgetown circles in a box (I hadn't packed this as I was working on it at night when I got a chance).  Forget the crystal cabinet, TV and my Villeroy and Boch tea set...I just panicked about my sewing and my cameras.

We have moved in to our rental house and this will be our home for the next year.  There is not enough storage and we will be living out of boxes this year ..but what an incentive to get our house built.

I start my new job next week and the boys start at their new childcare on the same day.

The "Littles" are growing so fast.  We can now walk around our new neighbourhood as a family with the dogs and the best bit is that the streets are very quiet...good for wondering children and dogs

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  1. Wow! It's done! Congratulations. Hope it all works out very well for you. Looks like a lovely neighbourhood. (Waved in your general direction as we took the Kettles home!)