Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nearly There

Only two days to go till my party for my 40th birthday.  Six of my closest friends are coming from interstate and they are all staying here...I have planned a retro evening.  West Coast Coolers, Strongbow, Baileys Irish Cream, Sherbies, Mint Slices, Tim Tams, Cadbury's Dairy Milk , Hubba Bubba bubble gum and Redskins.

I'm also dusting off ABBA, Spandu Ballet, Duran Duran, Johnny Farnham and a bit of Patrick Swayze.  I've also planned quiz night questions from the 80's. 

AND..."They" have forecasted torrential rain and yes we are having it outside.  So my BAM has, in his lunch time, "whipped" into Bunnings to purchase some tarps.  We will attempt to provide a rain break.  Not sure if it will work.  I gave him strict instructions on what would be appropriate colours.  He hasn't called so he must of got the correct colour.

I have finished most of the decorations and all the kids and adult favour bags.  I have just got to pick up food  now.... oh and make the table cloth's.  I can't really do this until the tables arrive as I want to be able to size them correctly.

Eloise has started dancing and we are preparing for the end of year concert.  Thankfully there are no costumes requiring to be made.  But can you believe they insist all toddlers wearing make-up  (she is not even going to let me do her hair let alone her make-up).  At least her costume is age appropriate.  There is ample fabric coverage of her body.  She is earmarked to be the star fish.  My girlfriends 5yr old daughter (in another dance school) has got to wear a bikini.

Hopefully after the party I can get back to my sewing....

All my boys went walking and they returned bearing gifts

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