Saturday, November 27, 2010

I survived my first "End Of Year" dance concert

Eloise started jazz tap and ballet lessons this term.  I thought it would be good for her coordination and rhythm.  Given I never did any dance lessons I thought it would be fun....

Warning one told me about the "dance mums" and no one told me about the end of year (EOY)concert.  Wow I survived it.  I've had three kids under 18 months and I thought that I could not do anything as difficult as that.  Wrong.. welcome to EOY dance concerts.

Have you tried putting makeup on a tom boy?  Have you tried to get ringlet hair in a bun with no frizzy bits?  Tried to keep lipstick on a bored child's mouth?  And try convincing a tired, hot, hungry 4 year old that this third and final costume will be more fun to put on than the others. 

And thank goodness for safety pins....we mums of the Thursday morning group (BTW none of the mums in our group have ever done dance lessons ourselves) would have been lost without the box of safety pins I bought along.  Lucky I had sewing experience as well.  We just needed a hairdresser. 

I survived it.  It was logistical nightmare and hard work but I had fun. 

Is there a t-shirt I can buy that says"I survived EOY dance concerts"

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