Monday, November 22, 2010

Party Day

The night before saw the frantic race to get the pom poms ready

And all the kids lolly (favour) bags

And then on party day...... it rained all day......but my BAM constructed a wind and rain proof layer and it worked even had "flashing" a technical term for layer placed over a gap. 

All the bunting was dry as were all the pom poms.

All on the same plan in the same row...what are the chances of that?

All the girls arrived from the airport about two hours before the party...all drenched.  But once they were here they stayed dry.  It was just the kids that were drenched and freezing.  The chattering teeth gave it away.  My daughter ate to much food and was sick and the boys rode their bikes into the crowd.

The cake was excellent.  I have always wanted one of these cakes and I opted for the chocolate version.

We had a big slumber party that night.  Blind taste testing of alcohol beverages from our past.  Quizes and questions from the past and photo sessions.

Another picture of the roses in my garden

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