Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shopping Round Up

Since moving I have missed the joy of the regular visits I used to get from the postie as we now have a PO Box ...and that is never the same.  However this week I managed to feel the "joy" of the postie visit as some of my parcels came in the post.

I have just bought the EQ7 upgrade. I have a list of quilts to make this year for friends children, relatives and my own children so I thought I should get organised and plan these quilts..... as all these new quilts will be my own designs....

I also went shopping and found these again (I had seen them ages ago and thought I would get some next time).  I can't remember their name ...maybe someone can remind me...I did however buy them from Honeysuckle Stained Glass and Patchwork.  I will make two of them for our new house.

Just before Christmas I got my hands on my long awaited reel stand for my embroidery machine.  I also have some embroidery projects to do this year and needed to get the multiple reel stand in place.  My pet hate is waiting by the machine and loading cotton I am interested in anything that makes this task better.


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  1. didn't know you were in to machine embroidery. What a coincidence I brought some shashiko on our trip to the city! I have never met anyone as organised as you V, with the planning of 12 months of quilts!!!! Helen F