Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas at the Beach

This year we decided to have Christmas at the beach.  The weather was a perfect 28 degrees.

We packed up and headed to the beach on Christmas eve.  My BAM decided we should take all the food and all the Christmas presents which was his sneaky way of avoiding the shops.  He was the one responsible for packing the cars so who was I to argue.  He even developed the menu plan so that we had everything we wanted. 

Eloise woke first and then we were all up......they were all so excited to be opening presents.  Even when it was their turn to hand out present to each other and Nana and Auntie Kate they had ripped off the paper in the excitement before they managed to hand the gift over.

On Christmas day I don't do the Turkey that is BAM area of specialty.  Every year without fail we have a issue with cooking times.  And true to form we were late eating this year again.  This year BAM had set the oven control to the grill not the fan forced we lost time in the cooking.

The past few days the weather has stopped beach attendance but the spa has been over used.  Tomorrow there is no rain forecasted so beach here we come.

I have manage to get to the shops and I stocked up on recipe books and magazines (like I need anymore!!!).

I've done some sewing but that has even been hit and miss as I can't keep my eyes open.  All the eating and lack of activity on the rainy days has made us all very lazy.

The boys have conjunctivitis again...will they ever not have it??

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