Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Curtains and blinds

I have gone to ground in this heat.  We have been having one of the biggest heat waves that I can remember and so I have given up trying to be outside.   So I have turned to the windows which are currently devoid of any curtains and blinds and I have got cracking and started to make them.

Here is a picture of the curtains I had made for the lounge

Here is the fabric up close...I have to make three roman blinds in this fabric  .... and pattern match at the fabric ends!!!!

I have also started to make the two roman blinds to go in my little girls room.

I have also been making the 4 roman blinds for the bathroom, toilet and laundry.

I am up to sewing the rings on now and trying to get my hands on some more of the pull cord - to no avail...I tell you... that "S" shop!!!!

I have also managed to make  my little girl a dress.  She hates it as it is too itchy (around the chest)

And new library bags for the boys.  I had previously made them library bags for school and now I can't find either of them...in the shift we have lost them


  1. You will appreciate those curtains as it heats up again! Good old Spotlight, hey? I avoid going there at all costs. Have you tried Darn Cheap fabrics?

  2. V - it is either a feast or a famine with your blogs!!! - haven't checked for while and BANG there are THREE!!!! You have been a busy girl!! - glad you escaped the horrific fires! You are at it again overachiever with the curtains, sewing clothes and bags in between, I wish I had as much energy as you - my get up and go got up and went!! xxx Helen F