Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Heres my post from March...that I didn't post

How has nearly three months gone by so quick????

I have been busy though

Three out of the 7 blinds are hung.  The rest are waiting to be hung by the resident carpenter.

I have been to AQC in Carlton gardens and I had a major haul.  I spent an obscene amount of money....my excuse was that I had not been in two years and I was on pain killers and they made the world seem very pleasant and happy (even though the pain was there..I have herniated my disk in my lower back).  So what did I buy?

More Books (I know!!!!)

A new BOM - paper piecing...who would of thought - me and paper piecing - which by the way I love it

More Bags !!!!!!

These great tins

Panels for a quilt for my girl

More fabric
Then all these assortments

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