Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'd rather have a baby

Back pain - Not once but twice since Easter I have managed to hurt my dodgy disc.  This time round the pain was more acute and more severe than ever before.

The first time - I was guilty of over doing it.....via

then I simply just fell over.  The pain however was not simple.  I would rather have a baby any day.  The pain was so bad that each time I had 2-3 sleepless nights in agony.  Tears and tears and more tears.
The drugs ....... at first nothing seemed to work.  Then after what felt like this
they started to work.
I was on the heavy stuff.  I have very little memory of those weeks and lots of strange things happened.  My BAM came home from work and found the bread in the washing machine ...of which I really have no idea how it happened.
So I am on the slow road to recovery.  I have had lots of help from family and I have found someone to help me with the house work. 
I am now also at the pain management clinic (they didn't have these last time I hurt my back did they???) and I have this huge team of people looking after me...physios, O/T (nose follows toes girls!!!!), psychologists.  I have weekly physio and hydro sessions and am praying for no relapses. 
The upside was I have started to draw and paint again - did not know how else to take my mind off the pain.  I discovered Zendoodles and Zentangles and the repetitive nature of the drawing sent me in to a trance  and got my mind off the pain.  Its a bit like machine quilting but without all the manual labour.
Having all the spare time.....and being in the constant state of delusion I managed to enrol myself in a two year interior design course.  I have not un-enrolled in my non-medicated state -  as I am actually excited about doing it.....lets see how I go working full time, living on 17 acres with three kids???
I wonder what else I did during that time....
And after all is said and done.....I have a finished front garden.  Both sides are now finished with the lawn.


Next.....the pool and the back garden.........or is it the other front garden (some one in our house does not agree that the back of our house is the back of our house.......its just one of those things we will never agree on)

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