Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Now I know what they mean't when they said..."well there goes any summer holidays away from home"

Do you remember this green view?

Well it now looks like this.

400 hectare grass fire right at our front gate.  (58 fire trucks, two water bombers (there names are Eric - what happened to Elvis)  3 planes......). 

I thought we were fire ready.  Now I know that we weren't quite as ready as I thought.   I also now know that when you see the flames coming down the hill you really should go into the house - not drive out the gate like I did.  So much learned on the much more to learn. 

So moving forward...We are getting fences for livestock (we are just arguing over sheep vs cows) and a water bore (just need to find someone who can do it...not that easy).  We are putting a water ring around the house and we have installed fire hose stations all around the place.  We take our phones everywhere with us and constantly watch for the wind change.  And last but not least are now members of the CFA (however I am not the one learning to drive the tankers!!!).

And yes we love living here....the fire hasn't changed that!

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