Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back to sewing

There has been so much happening here that I have really struggled to do any sewing.  However over the Christmas break in amongst bush fires, visitors, cooking, day trips etc I made some curtains.

There is however some additional information required before the curtains can be appreciated.  My BAM has been trying for a very long time to convince me to let him by a camper.  As a result we have a running joke about it.  I suggest that he might like to buy one which is really code for "over my dead body will I let you".  Well it back fired on me.  I often send my BAM emails at work of campers that I see for sale in my travels for work or though the community bulletins/classifieds and always ask if he is tempted or interested ...knowing that he has no chance of ever getting one.  Well this time I sent him an email of this kind and he rang the guy and bought it.....that will teach me!!!. 

Meet Esmeralda the camper - there she goes on her inaugural outing with the family - minus Mummy who stayed home with Auntie Kate.

Well Esmeralda was in need of soft furnishings.

So I picked the fabric and off I went. 

New curtains and pillow covers (yellow and blue caravan pillow covers) were made and gingham bed linen was procured.  I decided that since the camper was circa 1985 that I need to go retro. (sorry for the strobe effects - camera didn't like all the checks!!!)

...And what did my BAM say......."great!!!! how is this going to look when I turn up to the boys weekend with my strawberry curtain fabric camper ?......"   oh and " really have put the definition of camp into camper!!!"  

to which I said....."be careful or I will staple to the camper's ceiling the red and blue bunting that I have made"

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  1. Your camper looks great! I say "hang the bunting" and ignore the comments from BAM! It will look great!