Sunday, January 9, 2011

So much food

The last two weeks "Auntie Kate" and Bob have been visiting.  She always comes with a recipe file and she cooks up a storm while she is here and she inspires me as well.

Auntie Kate

So much food was consumed.  New recipes for nachos, burritos, panzanella salad, citrus tiramisu, meringue cheese cake, lemon lime and nut rice salad, three bean salad, sushi, Vietnamese rolls, Nigella's salmon rice, creamy salmon pasta, vegetarian sausage rolls, tabouli, butterscotch pudding and sauce.

Citrus Tiramisu
Cheese Cake

We also made home made pizza, lasagna, ginger bread houses x2, Mexican chicken, chicken and corn chowder, roast turkey.

On top of that we had three bbq's and many fish and chips.

We also went raspberry picking (annual Christmas ritual).  15 kg of raspberries were picked by us all and I made coulis,smoothies, ice creams, and then froze the rest.

I have developed a whole new set of skills called fridge and freezer organization...  and I am in love with my rice cooker.

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