Friday, January 14, 2011

Meal Plans

So I have finally done it.  I have finished collating all my recipes which were spread out all over the house and put them into the one spot.  I have also photocopied all the recipes from my cook books that I like and ones that I want to make.  I have categorised them according to how my brain thinks.  I have also assembled a second folder of my favourite recipes for quick reference.  I can now put away all my recipe books and use the one source.  

So now I am able to tackle my monthly meal planners.  Having this planner will allow me to shop online with all the ingredients at my finger tips and hopefully keep to my budget.  Last year I saved lots of money shopping on line and keeping out of the supermarkets.  But this year I will have the meals I'm going to cook all decided before I log on to the computer shopping.

On top of all this I have just bought the Womans Weekly "100 Family Meals" cook book.  Just about every recipe in the book looks great and would be eaten by us (meaning three fussy kids).  So I have decided that I will try and cook my way through this book this year.  Tonight I made the lamb rissoles.  Everyone loved them.   Success (yeah!!!)

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