Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making quick quilts for boys

Over at Retromummy's blog she was asking for people who wanted to help make some quilts for the people affected by the QLD floods.  Well she has been inundated with offers of help from people to make 12" blocks.  One of them was me.

So last Sunday I went off to procure some supplies from the "S" shop (Spotlight).  This is the place I most hate to go to but "have" to since there is so little choice or few economic alternatives (please can some one give us some choice in this area).  I love material shopping in fact I could shop for materials all day.  (There is only one other better activity - which is eating chocolate watching a dark and broody good looking male on DVD (Colin Firth - Pride and Prejudice, Richard Armitage - North and South....etc)).  Needless to say that the group that runs the "S" shop has ruined that experience for me (well at least in their shops).

I decided to focus on mainly boys quilts.  Having two boys I know how hard it is to get good boys fabrics and I luckily found some.  The theme is fishes (I'm sure the irony wont be over looked....but they were very cute and good boys colours).

I have decided to make the whole quilt top.  So for the last three nights I have been cutting cutting cutting, now I am ready to start sewing.  I am making 4 quilt tops.  All various sizes and styles. 

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