Saturday, October 23, 2010

Start of the weekend

Been a very big week this week. I was working till 2am each night on a project for work. So needless to say I feel a bit "depleted" now.  The project has advanced to the next stage and will be back with me in a weeks time so more late nights then.

In the mean time I need to make the aprons and the decorations for my party.  Hopefully I will get most of these things completed this week.  I cut all the fabric last night and tonight I will be sitting at the Bernina (if all goes well) sewing sewing sewing.

I have managed to get some quilting done this week though. My giant dahlia quilt is almost finished. I am just adding the binding now.  Here is a sneak peak at the centre of the quilt

I also finished Eloise's snow ball blanket. The wool is a bit tricky to knit with but the blanket is very warm. I have made two of these now and everyone loves them.....I will make the boys one each next winter.

Two weeks ago I went and saw Eat Pray Love.    I loved it ...there were, as Oprah would say"lots of Ah ha moments for me". 

I now am going to read the book (in all my spare time that I have).  However I had a real time of it trying to buy it.  I went to a "major" book seller and was astounded to hear them say they had no stock and I had to order it.  So here I am in disbelief that this chain store could be so bad at inventory management.  It was the opening week of the movie.  I never shop at these stores as they are too expensive and can usually find it elsewhere (on line) cheaper but it was an opportunistic purchase as I raced buy with three kids in tow.  They did me a favour and I sourced it elsewhere and paid half the price they would have charged me and I didn't have to wait for it.  When are these book stores going to work out that their business model is dead.  I used to always shop in them now I never do.

On trying new things, I have a chicken noodle salad that I will be trying this weekend and some enchilada's.  Since the warm weather hit I have been on a salad craze.  Beef noodle salad, chicken noodle salad, spinach leaf salads.  I just love salads right now.

I also  aim to get all my recipes organised this weekend ..well at least stage one which is to get them all in the same spot instead of spread all over the house in various folders.  I cant help myself and collect recipes from magazines I read.  I rip them out and they end up in piles.  Well the piles are going and the folders are here.

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