Saturday, October 9, 2010

And Bingo Was His Name O....

This is the song that has been stuck in my head for days now.  The kids are singing it constantly.  Everything and everyone is called Bingo.  Well at least it is helping them spell.

Cooking cooking and more cooking....that is what my creative side is doing at the moment.  Cooked Cinnamon scrolls, Strawberry cupcakes, Corn and capsicum fritters (which the kids hated) and Chicken Enchiladas. 

Today is a quiet day... had to do some shopping.  Bought 3 boxes of huggies....I cant wait till I have no nappies left in the house.  4.5 years and counting.  The boys still run away from the toilet...they are not having a thing to do with it.

Finishing another quilt as well.  I have to get it done for another milestone birthday.  I have a few weeks left.

And last night burnt the midnight oil till 2.30am working.  Got to earn the money to fund my projects.  Though there is no drought of projects around here. 

I also needed to get some basting spray the other day and I ran into the shop to get the one item.....on the way to the cash register I managed to accidentally scoop up these great fabrics.  Have no idea what I will be doing with them.  But you cant have too much fabric.  As Kaye would say "They were talking to me".  (very loudly in fact).

Got to go the babies are waking up.

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